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We Interrupt This Empire...
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by activist Video
Desc :The San Francisco Video Activist Network presents the story you won't see on Fox News: an eye-popping, jaw-dropping look at the Bay Area's radical resistance to an illegal war. "We Interrupt This Empire..." is a collaborative work by many of the Bay Area's independent video activists which documents the direct actions that shut down the financial district of San Francisco in the weeks following the United States' invasion of Iraq. With the audio backdrop including the live broadcasts of Enemy Combatant Radio from the SF Independent Media Center to SFPD's tactical communications that were picked up by police scanners, the documentary takes a look at the diverse show of resistance from the streets of San Francisco as well as providing a critique of the corporate media coverage of the war and exploring such issues as the Military Industrial Complex, attacks on civil liberties, and the United States' imperialist drive. MPEG2 version (1.9GB): "This a a clear picture of what's left of an American conscience in the midst of this national horror-show--this is the best damn doc I've seen on the local face of what might have been the largest anti-war movement in world history. " Craig Baldwin of Other Cinema Winner - Best of the Bay - San Francisco Bay Guardian, July 2004 The Video Activist Network is an informal association of activists and politically conscious artists using video to support social, economic and environmental justice campaigns. Also available from the Video Activist Network: Shutdown Downtown Fogtown, a daring collection of on-the-scene videos from the historic anti-war protests that shutdown San Francisco. The "Shutdown..." compilation mostly consists of the videos that screened at the outdoor screenings at Dolores Park during the first two weeks of the war.

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