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DA CAPO Relatively Calm 1984
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by activist Video
Desc :Concert par Ziad rahbani 脿 Abu Dhabi Concert by Ziad Rahbani at Abu Dhabi 丨賮賱丞 賱夭賷丕丿 乇丨亘丕賳賷 賮賷 兀亘賵 馗亘賷 Ziad Rahbani (also Ziyad al-Rahbany Arabic: 夭賷丕丿 乇丨亘丕賳賷, born 1956) is a Lebanese composer, pianist, performer, playwright, and political commentat...or. His compositions are well-known throughout the Arab world. Many of his musicals satirize Lebanese politics both during and after the civil war, and are often strongly critical of the traditional political establishment. Ziad Rahbani is the son of the Lebanese famous composer Assi Rahbani and Nuhad Haddad, the famous Lebanese female singer known as Fairuz. Rahbani was married to Dalal Karam, with whom he has a son named "Assi Jr.". Their relationship later ended in divorce, prompting Karam to write a series of articles for the gossip magazine Ashabaka about their marriage. Rahbani composed a number of songs about their relationship, including "Marba el Dalal" and "Bisaraha". Length:8:29

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