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  May Day - 2008 Los Angeles, CA
  [1:49 min by: jmendozino] May Day - 2008 in Los Angeles California
  This march was to protest the I.C.E. raids in the Bay Area 1 day after 10,000 people marched for immigrant rights. They seized 63 people from a local restaurant chain!
  Walk Against Rape 2007
  [6:40 min by: sf war staff] The goal of Walk Against Rape is to empower survivors, their friends, families and supporters, to break the silence by walking together on the streets against rape, and declare that San Francisco will not tolerate sexual violence.
  My People Are Rising Up
  [1:08 min by: mike baldwin] Immigrant Rights Protest In SF May 1st 2008
  July 2003: Report from Baghdad – Baghdad's Shi'ite Al-Khelani Mosque
  [By Lee Siu Hin, Report from Baghdad 33 sec] July 2003, three months after U.S. invaded Iraq, people leaving after the Friday player from Baghdad's Al-Khelani Mosque, one of the biggest Shi'ite mosque in Baghdad. For more information, visit:
  Beyond Borders
  Beyond Borders moves past the headlines and takes an in-depth look at the hot-button issues of legal and illegal immigration. Beyond Borders explores the psychological forces driving the immigration controversy from both sides of the debate. Anti-immigration activists demand we stop this "illegal alien invasion,” while some pro-immigration forces speak of a Reconquista, a reclaiming of the American Southwest by Mexico. In search of a middle ground, Beyond Borders travels across the U.S. and beyond to give voices to those on the front-line of this issue, including candid interviews with Border Patrol agents, radio celebrities, demographers, the Minute Men, potential migrants, and a host of experts including Noam Chomsky (Distorted Morality) and Gustavo Arellano (Ask A Mexican). Beyond Borders is an entertaining and enlightening film that asks: Is migration a basic human right?
  Honk Against Torture
  Peace activist protest against U.S. Gitmo Torture Asking Drivers to Honk Against Torture!
  China Excitement Video
  China Excitement Video
  Hellenic Network for Participatory Society
  Welcome to Hellenic Network for Participatory Society. We are a Znet Network. Please visit our webpage:
  LA Vs. War (April 10-13, 2008)
  LA Vs. War (April 10-13, 2008)
  How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria's?
  People Project Encampment Raided
  People Project Encampment Raided
  TECHQUA IKACHI: ABORIGINAL WARNING In the film TECHQUA IKACHI: ABORIGINAL WARNING indigenous people resist exploitation and pollution of their land by oil and mining interests.
  Against the Grain: An Artist's Survival Guide to Perú
  Is freedom of expression a right or a privilege? Four Peruvian visual artists defy tyranny and ignite change, challenging ordinary people to speak out.
  Meri Zindagi, Mera Faisla- My Life, My Choice
  An empowering story about a Pakistani woman who has an arranged marriage. (with English Subtitles)
  Away From Home
  Photo slideshow for the song "Away From Home" by Nigerian U.S based Hip-Hop artist Fishe from the album "Straight Outta Africa"
  July 2003: Report from Baghdad – Gas Station
  [By Lee Siu Hin, report from Baghdad 2:08 min] July 2003, three months after U.S. invaded Iraq, people lining up to buy natural gas in at Al-Eitimad gas store at Baghdad, although Iraq is one of the largest oil reserve country, after U.S. invasion they'd been facing serious gas shortage. For more information, visit:
  Antonio Camacho Negron speaks at 2005 Grito de Lares
  Ex-political prisoner Antonio Camacho Negron speaks at 2005 Grito de Lares, minutes after finding out the Filiberto Ojeda Rios of the Macheteros were assassinated by FBI
  Tunnel Trade (Trailer)
  Tunnel Trade investigates the causes and effects of the illegal smuggling trade in The Gaza Strip.

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