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  Sep 15 07 Washingtoin DC Anti-War March
  Sep 15 07 Washingtoin DC Anti-War March (6:29 min) produced by
  ZapRoot Enviroment TV Show (Episode 018)-- Batman vs. Tuberculosis
  ZapRoot Enviroment TV Show (Episode 018)-- Batman vs. Tuberculosis [3.09 min] Chicago turns it’s alleys green, Batman gets denied a swim, and Ctrl+Alt+Autos, including the Vectrix & Piaggio scooters, produced by Viropop
  4/17/07: Interesting Italian critical mass bike ride music video
  4/17/07: Interesting Italian critical mass bike ride music video, for more information:
  3/19 San Ramon, CA: Nonviolent Direct Action At Chevron Headquarters
  [Video by: Ariel López] Video about protest on Chevron headquarters in San Ramon , California after 4 years of war against Iraq and the world. On the morning of March 19th a nonviolent direct action took place at Chevron World Headquarters, 6001 Bollinger Canyon Road in San Ramon. Protesters demanded an end to Chevron's oil crimes from Richmond to Iraq, saying "No blood for oil! Climate justice now! and Stop war, end empire!" About 100 people participated, from locking themselves to "oil" barrels in order to block one entrance to Chevron's headquarters to participating in street theater. Organizers say, "Chevron poisons local communities from Richmond, to Ecuador and Nigeria. The Chevron refinery in Richmond spews... toxins into the air, water, and land, including cancer-causing dioxins, on the largely African American, South East Asian, and Latino communities. The refinery and plant have had hundreds of accidents, including fires, spills, leaks, explosions, toxic gas releases, flaring, and air contaminations causing severe illness, including asthma and deadly cancers, for the people of Richmond. The people of Richmond are fighting back and demanding that Chevron clean up or get out. We need to imagine a world without Chevron, its oil, and its climate chaos." For More Information:
  12/5: Washington DC Code Pink Weekly Community Potluck at Code Pink House
  This is a short video from Washington DC Code Pink Weekly Wednesday night Community Potluck at Code Pink House, very fun!
  I'm The Divider (film trailer)
  I'm The Divider film trailer, about U.S.-Mexico border, for more information, please visit:
  11/11 2007 Border Patrol agents violently Attacks No Borders Camp
  [From San Francisco Bay IMC by panchita ] This video is edited from footage taken during the final day (11/11) of the No Borders Camp when Border Patrol agents violently reacted to a march on the U.S./Mexico border. Este video es editado de tomas del ultimo dia del Campamento Contra las Fronteras cuando la Patrulla Fronteriza reaccionaron violentamente a una marcha en la frontera de los E.U. Y Mexico.
  11/9-11, 2007 San Francisco Green Festival
  A 3.15 min short video about 11/9-11, 2007 San Francisco Green Festival, produced by Lee Siu Hin--Activist Design Studio.
  Punish The Poor
  The criminal justice policy (in the US, reluctantly followed by the EU) has turned out in more punishing. The criminal justice policy (in the US, reluctantly followed by the EU) has turned out in more punishing. This has not much to do with 'crime and punishment' but rather with a new policy of social insecurity. Its gain is to mould man and woman in the maelstrom of the economical deregulation and the transformation of the social help, who now becomes a guide to an unworthy job. In the framework of this liberal- paternalistic arrangements the prison receives back his original roll: to crease a recalcitrant population to accept the ruling economical and moral order. (Loïc Wacquant prof. sociology California) Oct 13, 2007
  Star War in Iraq
  Star War in Iraq (portofino molotov , Dec 15, 2006)
  10/22 Berkeley, CA: Code Pink Meets the Brown Shirts
  The anti-war organization Code Pink encounters pro-Bush, pro-war counter-demonstrators at the Berkeley Marine Recruitment Center. 4:50 min
  May Day 2007 Immigrant Rights March LAPD Attack
  May Day 2007 LAPD Attach immigrant marchers at Macarthur Park

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