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  50 Million Trees and Counting: Trees for the Future
  This 8 minute video documents the work of Dave Deppner and Trees for the Future. Communities around the world turn to Trees for the Future for technical knowledge and planting materials so that they can bring degraded lands and struggling farmlands back to sustainable productivity. Since 1988, Trees for the Future (TFTF) has helped thousands of communities in Central America, Africa, and Asia improve their livelihoods and their environment by planting nearly 50 million trees in agroforestry and reforestation projects. Each year these trees remove over one million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. For more information:
  12/7 Chicago, IL: Republic Windows Workers Occupy Plant!
  Laid-off workers are occupying a Chicago plant, arguing that the financial bailout ignores regular workers!
  Food Not Bombs
  Food Not Bombs is one of the fastest growing revolutionary movements active in North America today and is gaining momentum all over the world. For more information:
  Nov 14-16, 2008 San Francisco Green Festival
  Video Journal: Nov 14-16, 2008 San Francisco Green Festival, Produced by Lee Siu Hin (4:19 min)
  'The Visitor'Trailer
  "The Visitor" trailer, for more information, please visit:
  Hugo Boss Prize at Guggenheim NY
  The name Hugo Boss is commonly associated with a well-known international fashion label. The German company, headquartered near the Southwestern city of Stuttgart, is a truly global player when it comes to fashion. But Boss is also getting in on the act in the world of fine art. No surprise then that the company has been awarding the Hugo Boss Prize for the past twelve years as an accolade for up-and-coming artists. Nominees have already built a reputation in the art scene. It is only natural that such award ceremony requires an adequate setting. Consequently, instead of being staged at the seat of the company in Metzingen, the event takes place in New York City.
  La Americana Trailer The official trailer for the new documentary La Americana, by People's Television
  News-Splitter of the glass industry
  The global credit crunch and the bad business news have not adversely affected Glasstec trade show in D?sseldorf. Higher visitor figures, the presence of additional exhibiting companies and a good sales and orders performance have resulted in a positive atmosphere among trade show organizers and glass industry representatives alike.
  Opening Hogatec fair 2008 D?sseldorf
  How to fry one hundred sausages in an hour? Or how to make my restaurant booking in the future? The answers to questions like these can be found at the Hogatec fair in D?sseldorf. Every other year representatives from the world of gastronomy and hotel sector present the latest industry trends and developments. Crucially, the issue of interior design figures prominently in these presentations
  All about freshness: Intermopro, Intermeat, Intercool 2008
  Intermopro, Intermeat and Intercool names that dont ring a bell with most consumers. Nevertheless, they are very important. These three trade fairs of the food industry showcase the latest developments in dairy, frozen food cold meat and meat production. The market for bio-products continues to grow non-stop. At the same time transparency regarding the origin of foodstuffs becomes ever more important, not only for the consumer but even more so for the producer.
  Kitchen of the future
  Cooking is an emotional thing. Most chefs would agree with that. However, what happens if someone decides to do things differently and change a tried and tested routine? Are convenience and ready-made meals the real deal or is it rather the good old sumptuous steak straight out of the frying pan?
  Video Clip: City Views from ChangChun and Dalian, China
  Lee Siu Hin's video reports from China. Here's a video clip for city views from ChangChun and Dalian, China. Part of the "Lee Siu Hin: Journey to My Home: China and Hong Kong 2008" report sereies. For more information, please visit:
  Cats and Kittens playing
  Cats and kittens having fun playing.
  Weatland Tube
  Weatland Tube
  Earth Spirit Action
  Vandana Shiva, Starhawk, Matthew Fox, Ruth Rosenhek and John Seed speak on Deep Ecology, Living Democracy and Transformation of Consciousness in a fast moving discussion of the type of change that needs to take place for a Sustainable Future. An inspirational and stimulating film including beautiful nature footage and a colourful array of global action shots. (16mins24secs)
  Music: In Memory of 5/12 China Wenchuan Earthquake
  Collections of videos in memory of victims from May 12th, 2008 China Wenchuan earthquake, part of Lee Siu Hin's "Journey to My Home-2008, China and Hong Kong" report series.
  5/12 China Wenchuan Earthquake
  Video for May 12th, 2008 China Wenchuan Earthquake, part of Lee Siu Hin's "Journey to My Home-2008, China and Hong Kong" report series.
  Dalian, China
  Touralism PR video about nothern Chinese coastal city of Dalian, part of Lee Siu Hin's "Journey to My Home-2008, China and Hong Kong" report series.
  Jazz Funeral For Democracy
  On January 20, 2005, a Jazz Funeral for Democracy was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Thousands of concerned citizens, war veterans, and persons of peace from all walks of life came together to exercise their version of political, social activism and protest. They marched and spoke out against the inauguration of George W. Bush. They joined hands and gave countless reasons why there should not be any Iraq - Afghan Oil wars. They carried signs protesting the Patriot Act as they shouted, Impeach Bush! As the corporate media dishes out its' version of the war on terror, gruesome photos of Iraq war casualties, civilian, soldier and child alike find there way into the picture galleries of independent media blogs.
  Save Our Wetlands Eco-News Program 12
  Program #12 - Interviews with Mary Lee Orr, Director of the Louisiana Environmental Action Network and Janice Dickerson member of the Gulf Coast Tenants Association. Also, footage from an eco-mardi gras.

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