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  1/2: A week of Israel's war on Gaza (al Jazeera)
  Israel's aerial assault on Gaza continues for a seventh day. (al Jazeera)
  1/2: Living in fear in Gaza City (al Jazeera)
  The heavy Israeli aerial bombardment and threat of a ground offensive has forced Gazans to remain indoors for safety. Al Jazeera's Sherine Tadros spent the evening with one family in Gaza City to see how they're coping.
  1/1: Journos pushed out of Gaza? (Russia Today TV)
  Israel's aerial assault on Gaza continues for a seventh day. (al Jazeera)
  Gaza - The silenced protest
  Israeli's and Palestinian talk peace and protest against "Cast Led" - The siege and attack on Gaza. Produced by Israel Social TV.
  1/2: Palestinians brave Israeli assault to return home (al Jazeera)
  Since Hamas took over Gaza 18 months ago, Israel and Egypt have frequently closed the border and forbidden anyone to cross for weeks at a time. It's been more than a month since the Rafah border crossing into Egypt was open - leaving many Gazans stranded outside. But this week, Egypt opened the crossing once again, and as Amr El Kahky reports, many Gazan's are keen to get home, despite the Israeli bombardment. (al Jazeera)
  1/1 Inside Story - Imprisoned in Gaza - part 2 (al Jazeera)
  Israel's assault on Gaza has continued into a sixth day, and the death toll has risen to more than 400 people. According to Israel, it is targeting Hamas' military infrastructure, such as rocket launchers and rocket factories. Also under attack are what the Israeli military calls "suspected hideouts" that, for some, are the most disputed targets, because almost anything can be suspected as a hiding place for weapons or Hamas fighters. In practice, government buildings, mosques, the Islamic university of Gaza and a refugee camp have come under attack. After Israel's subjecting Gaza to an aerial pounding for several consecutive days, many Gazans are asking if police stations and government buildings have been, what are now the targets for the continuing bombardment? Many Gazans feel that they themselves are the targets. The Israeli authorities have been accessing the phone networks and making automated calls telling the people of Gaza to leave their homes as an attack in their area is imminent, and this is creating a climate of fear and despair, as the people are unable to travel north into Israel and they are unable to travel south into Egypt as the borders are closed, and to their West they are bordered by the sea. The difficulty for both the Israeli military and the Gaza residents is: The entire Gaza Strip is just 10 km wide and 40 km long and has a population of one and a half million, which makes it one of the most densely populated spots on earth. Civilian casualties are unavoidable. Today's Inside Story presenter Nick Clark is joined by Raanan Gissen, a former Israeli Defense Force official and senior advisor to former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon; Elias Hanna, a retired army general and military analyst; and Ehab Bessaiso, a lecturer in political communications at Cardiff University.(al Jazeera)
  Fernanda's fight for justice
  [by mikenyce] Fernanda Gonzalez has a son that was slain right in front of her on nov.20th 2003. She witnessed the murder but yet no justice has swung her way. Watch as she battles with the powers that be in the search for justice.
  Israelis hit aid boat (CNN)
  Former Rep. Cynthia McKinney says the aid ship she was on was rammed by an Israeli warship, an allegation Israel denies. (CNN)
  Voyage of 'Dignity' (CNN)
  An Israeli patrol boat struck a vessel carrying supplies to Gaza. CNN's Karl Penhaul was on board the "Dignity."
  NYC Says Stop the Massacre of Palestinians! 12/30/08
  The bombing rampage began as thousands of Palestinian children were in the streets on their way home from school. Palestinian parents were running frantically in the streets looking for their children as U.S.-provided F-16s and Apache helicopters rained down more than 100 tons bombs and missiles on Gaza. The U.S.-backed Israeli Occupation Force destroyed every security station in Gaza. AFP reported: "There was no space left in the morgue and bodies were piled up in the emergency room and in the corridors, as many of the wounded screamed in pain." Because of the U.S.-backed Israeli blockade and strangulation of the people of Gaza for the past 18 months there is little or no medicine to treat the wounded, electricity for hospitals, or food or clean water for much of the population.
  We must act now, before the massacres continue! Over 200 people were killed in Gaza on Saturday, December 27 in a series of Israeli attacks - with US-made and paid for weaponry - upon the Palestinian people. These cold-blooded killings come on top of a siege on Gaza that has killed hundreds by depriving them of medical care, deprived Gazans of electricity, power and fuel and attempted to strangle the life of the Palestinian people in Gaza. The people of Gaza are standing steadfast in the face of these massacres but our voices must be heard to demand an immediate end to the massacres and an end to US aid to Israel! The Israeli military is promising more massacres - we must say no NOW!
  12/31: Fighting in Gaza continues (Russia Today)
  Violence is ongoing in Gaza as an Israeli aircraft is believed to have hit several Hamas positions in the area. Israeli forces are also reported to have targeted smuggling tunnels linking Gaza and Egypt. The fighting comes despite calls for Israel and Hamas to reach a ceasefire agreement. (Russia Today)
  12/31: US military aid underpins Gaza offensive (al Jazeera)
  Israel receives billions of dollars in military aid from the US each year, much of it spent on American weaponry which US law says must only be used in self-defence. But experts say there is little chance of cuts in aid to Israel despite its military operation in Gaza. Al Jazeera's Nick Spicer reports.
  12/31: The world reacts on the attacks on Gaza (al Jazeera)
  Across the Arab world as well as in the US, protests are being held against the Israeli air strikes on Gaza. In Dubai, official celebrations have been cancelled as a sign of solidarity with people of Gaza. Mohamed Vall gathers reactions from around the world. (al Jazeera)
  12/31: Gazans live in fear of further attacks (al Jazeera)
  Al Jazeera's Sherine Tadros reports from Gaza, where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are living in fear of the next Israeli attack. People are afraid to go out, but as they still have to eat, they are lining up outside the few bakeries still open to grab what they can before they hurry back home. (al Jazeera)
  12/31: Mahmoud Abbas' addresses the Palestinian people (al Jazeera)
  Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, has addressed the Palestinian people in a TV broadcast speech. He called for national unity as the march towards independence "must continue". He condemned the Israeli bombardment of Gaza as a "barbaric and criminal aggression", and urged the international community to take action against the strikes. (al Jazeera)
  12/30: Nowhere to run for those trapped in Gaza (al Jazeera)
   Palestinian families are wondering whether they will become the next target after four days of Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip. As Sherine Tadros reports, there are few places to hide, and civilian casualties continue to rise. (al Jazeera)
  12/30: Israeli Arabs show solidarity with Gaza brothers (Russia Today TV)
  Israeli Police say Hamas militants have fired rockets over the border from Gaza deeper into Israel than ever before. Missiles reached the city of Beersheba, which is 28 miles from Gaza. Four people have been killed in Israel where many are divided by the hostilities. (Russia Today TV)
  12/29: UN calls for Israel to open Gaza border to aid (al Jazeera)
  UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon called on Israel to address the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza strip.(Associated Press Video via al Jazeera)
  12/29: San Francisco in Solidarity with the People of Gaza!
  12/29 San Francisco Protest in Solidarity with the People of Gaza! For more information:

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