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  May Day 2013: Los Angeles, CA March
  May Day 2013: Los Angeles, CA March (by National Immigrant Solidarity Network)
  5/1: Thousands To March For Immigration Reform In Downtown LA May Day Rallies
  (LA CBS News) Thousands will take to the streets of downtown Los Angeles Wednesday to participate in May Day protests to end immigrant deportations. Rallies that will cause traffic headaches and change bus routes are planned throughout the day, the Los Angeles Police Department said. May Day started as a day for labor rights, but in recent years, it has transformed into a protest for immigration laws. The march is headed by community organizations, faith-based leaders and labor unions that support Congress’ decision to pass so-called “Common Sense Immigration” reform that keeps families together and offers a clear pathway to citizenship for immigrants that are in the United States illegally. “My parents came to this country from Mexico, and it was during the Reagan Administration that they were finally able to get legal documents to live in this country and to work legally,” Allejandra Valle, who has participated in several local May Day marches over the years, said. “We’ve been able to contribute to our society and our country…so we’re hoping that the 11 million immigrants will make their voices heard and say, ‘Look, we deserve a pathway to citizenship too.’” The ANSWER Coalition, which is the largest protest involving about 20 organizations, will march for immigrant and worker rights beginning on Olympic and Broadway boulevards at noon. It will continue for three hours and end at Olvera Street in downtown LA, organizers said. After the march, a program will be held at Main Street and Arcadia. A second protest will start at 4:30 p.m. Motorists are advised to use local rail systems if possible, as offramps from the Hollywood (101) Freeway will likely be closed at Spring Street and Broadway. Street closures are expected to last through 8 p.m., organizers said.
  May Day PDX 2013
  Join Portland's annual march commemorating international workers day, and joining the call for immigrant rights across the US. Gather Wednesday May 1st at O'Bryant Square (9th & Stark) at 2PM Rally at 3PM March at 4PM
  2/14: This is how you stand up for immigrant rights at Senate hearing
  Undocumented immigrants are making sure their standpoint is influencing legislation for immigration overhaul. [By:]
  Arpaio's First Victims of 2009
   Sheriff Arpaio started his first racial profiling sweep of 2009 on Friday, January 9. He used 200 deputies and posse members armed with heavy artillery, several buses, over 60 vehicles from 9:00Am to 10 PM to arrest 8 people, four of which were undocumented. ...
  Video Show Border Patrol Shoot and Killed A Mexican Teen
  Video Show Border Patrol Shoot and Killed A Mexican Teen At the US-Mexico Border
  Ranchers, Murderers and Michelle Obama
  This video revisits the murder of 9 year old Brisenia Flores by minutemen and compares the response of politicians to that of Rancher Robert Krantz. Is it color, ethnicity or political exploitation that makes one life more valuable in the eyes of John McCain, Gov. Brewer or Russell Pearce? This also covers a 2/22/10 ICE memo, Michelle Obama's moment of truth with a second grader whose Mom doesn't have papers and even more ugliness about Russell Pearce's past and present plans as revealed by his emails. I dated these events for historical reference. All info came from public news sources.
  AZ: American Truck Driver Arrested For Not Having Birth Certificate
  A Mexican-American in Phoenix is arrested. DWB, Driving While Brown. His driver license and social security card were not adequate proof of identification for law enforcement in Arizona. The Maricopa County Sheriff says he's been practicing the new law for 3 years already. Crime stats show the number of Latinos incarcerated have gone up dramatically over the last several years.
  March for Immigration Reform- Eyes on the Prize
  March for America- Reform Immigration! Sunday March 21st, Washington D.C. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize Song!
  Rainbow Riders March for America!
  Help the Rainbow Riders meet their goal of sending 100 people to DC on March 21st! Donate at Sign up to ride with us at
  Cansados de no ser respetados.....
  Jornaleros Trailer
  Through music, poetry and art "Jornaleros" documents the lives and creative work of five Portland day laborers. The film humanize the controversy about day laborers by showing these workers, first and foremost, as artists and activists in the community.
  Hundreds of Thousands Rally for Immigration Reform in Largest Rally of Obama Presidency
  Hundreds of thousands of people marched through the streets of Washington, DC on Sunday to call for immigration reform. Estimates of the crowd size ranged from 200,000 to 500,000.
  "La union have la fuerza!!!"
  After long hours of planning, thinking and a lot of work, it was time to share or testimonies, our stories, our lives. Hearing those stories moved me, but more than that I realized that I had never had anyone was an example to follow, a reference of the values and beli...efs I should cultivate in my life. Then you guys happened and that inspired me to dream higher and work harder, to never forget why I am here and where I come from, to fight until I reach my goal and come back and celebrate with each and everyone of you y mi gente. It was in this moment when I committed myself to the cause and I promised I wasn't going to stop until our goal is accomplished. Length:3:00
  Phoenix Police pepper spray children at the anti Arpaio protest . Part 1
  Phoenix Police pepper spray children at the anti Arpaio protest . Part 1
  I'm Mostly A New Yorker (DREAM Act)
  I'm Mostly A New Yorker (DREAM Act)
  May Day 2009 Los Angeles (downtown LA march)
  May Day 2009 Los Angeles (downtown LA march)
  2/6: Arizona Sheriff Parades Undocumented Prisoners (Democracy Now!)
  Maricopa County, Ariz, county sheriff is coming under criticism for parading a group of chained undocumented prisoners through the streets of Phoenix. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio rounded up some 200 prisoners before their transfer to the infamous Tent City jail. Arpaio is known for targeting immigrants and arresting them if they cant prove documented residency. Joanne Lin of the American Civil Liberties Union called the latest action an attempt to humiliate the prisoners. (Democracy Now!) RELATED: Chained Immigrants on Parade: Who Will Stand Up to the Sick Antics of a Racist Sheriff?
  1/30 Baltimore, MD: 7-Eleven video said to show ICE immigrant racial profiling (CASA de Maryland)
  CASA de Maryland released video footage on Jan 29, 2009 shows federal agents unfairly targeted Latinos in January 2007 outside a 7-Eleven in Southeast Baltimore. The video, taken from store cameras, captured U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents rounding up 24 men suspected of being undocumented immigrants. Most have since been deported or left the country voluntarily. In the video, agents can be seen ignoring black store patrons while focusing on Latino men. Advocates say a white man who had hired three Latinos for day labor was allowed to drive his pickup truck away from the 7-Eleven, while the three workers were taken into custody. In addition, the advocates say, the video shows agents detaining a number of Latinos who had been waiting at a bus stop across the street from the 7-Eleven, a common hiring spot for day laborers. For more information, visit CASA de Maryland URL: Baltimore Sun report:,0,7974898.story
  1/1 CAIR: Muslim Passengers Removed From DC Flight
  The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said that nine American Muslims, most of them headed to Florida for a vacation with family members, were removed from an AirTran Airways flight Thursday afternoon at Reagan National Airport. The group said the incident began when another passenger complained about something that was said while boarding. Produced by CAIRtv also SEE:

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