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  Anti-Trump Protestors Sound Off At New York Rally
  4/14/2016 Complex News: On Thursday night, hundreds of passionate protesters gathered outside The Grand Hyatt in New York City, where Donald Trump was speaking at the NY State Republican Gala. Among them, were people of all ages, races and socio-economic backgrounds— standing in unity with a single message; no more Donald Trump. Complex News went down to the rally to talk to the riled New Yorker's about why they think Trump has been able to progress this far in the presidential race and what they plan to do to stop him. One of the most interesting people in attendance, was a 15-year-old Republican who, despite being a former Trump supporter, aligned Trump's values with Hitler's.
  Hate Free NY protest against Donald Trump sees scuffles, arrests
  4/14/2016 RT America: Donald Trump and other GOP candidates are speaking at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City, with throngs of protesters outside. RT’s Caleb Maupin reports from the scene that thousands are in attendance, as it becomes divided with some remaining in the sanctioned protest area and others attempting to confront Trump supporters and get into the hotel.
  Trump draws protests in New York | DW News
  4/15/2016 DW News: US presidential hopefuls from both parties have descended on New York ahead of a key primary there. And native New Yorker Donald Trump has again been the target of angry protests as hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside a Republican campaign event.
  Donald Trump talks up 'New York values' amid protests against him
  4/14/2016 Euronews (in English): US presidential contender Donald Trump has urged voters in his home state of New York to give him a big win next week, but his rivals warned nominating Trump could lead to disastrous losses to the Democrats in the November 8 election.
  Multiple arrests as protesters rail against Donald Trump
  4/14/2016 RT America: Several arrests were made as around 1,000 demonstrators protested against Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump outside the Grand Hyatt hotel in midtown Manhattan in New York City on Thursday. Trump was at the venue to attend a Republican gala.
  Birthers Target Ted Cruz
  Donald Trump questions whether Canadian-born Ted Cruz is constitutionally eligible to become president, so Trevor enlists a founding father to settle the matter. (1/8/2016)
  Cartoon Donald Trump Tells Stephen Who Started It
  In the wake of accusations against his top advisor, Donald Trump has devolved into a cartoonish version of himself. So Stephen invited a slightly less cartoonish version of Trump to appear on the show: Cartoon Donald Trump. (3/31/2016)
  Deeply Moving Message from Bernie Sanders
  "What We Can Be" This is an unofficial campaign ad that i made with the help of a great editor and fervent Bernie supporter Chris Lockett. Bernie's message is a deeply moving and inspiring one. I hope this video does him justice. Please enjoy and share and most importantly remember to vote!!!!! Lets win this thing!! (3/14/2016)
  "Regiments of Promised Day"attack Broummana thermal In Wasit
  Broummana thermal attack targeting mechanism American In Wasit
  " Regiments of Promised Day" EFP vs U.S in Bahgdad
  Night Attack on the bridge vs Cougar
  Why I Am Anarchist
  Ok so I was a tiny bit nervous when I did this and that's why I stumble on a few words. I'm 13 btw. No I was not forced or brought up in the Anarchist movement. Enjoy! Please comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE!
  Obama Administration: Bushism without Bush
  RT catches up with a former U.S. congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who resigned from Obama's Democratic Party and is a critic of his administration.
  NC Congressman Assaults Student on DC Sidewalk
  NC Congressman Rep. Bob Etheridge (D) Assaults Student on DC Sidewalk
  Malcolm X: A Problem of Human Rights
  In July 1964 Malcolm X attended the second meeting of the Organization of African Unity, which had been formed in 1963 to bring about joint action by the independent African governments. The OAU conference was held in Cairo July 17--21, and was attended by nearly all the heads of the thirty-four member states. Malcolm X appealed to the delegates of the thirty-four African nations to bring the cause of the twenty-two million black people in the United States before the United Nations. He distributed a press release on OAAU letterhead on behalf of twenty-two million Afro-Americans in the United States. REPORTER: Malcolm, what is your purpose here? MALCOLM X: Well, my purpose here is to remind the African heads of state that there are 22 million of us in America who are also of African descent, and to remind them also that we are the victims of America's colonialism or American imperialism, and that our problem is not an American problem, it's a human problem. It's not a Negro problem, it's a problem of humanity. It's not a problem of civil rights, but a problem of human rights... Source: Link: For more information on Malcolm X:
  John Perkins - America's Secret Empire
  Complete video at: "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" author John Perkins argues that the United states has created a modern-day empire through the use of economic blackmail and the undermining of foreign governments.
  Niger's natural wealth exploited - 16 July 08
  The Tuareg people of Niger struggle to maintain their nomadic way of life in the face of uranium mining, an industry run by foreign companies that many say is having devastating environmental repurcussions. Al Jazeera's May Ying Maya Welsh reports on civilians and rebels in the uranium mining zone.
  Niger's nomad army - 14 July 08
  Niger's Tuareg population say that the benefits of uranium mining are not being distributed fairly, and a military campaign against the government is their only option. In the first of a series of reports, Al Jazeera's May Ying Maya Welsh travelled to a Tuareg base in the northern Air mountains.
  John Pilger - Obama and Empire
  Author, journalist, film maker John Pilger speaks at Socialism 2009; Filmed by Paul Hubbard at the Womens Building in San Francisco 7-4-09.
  Raging Grannies Flip Bird At Supreme Court Five
  South Florida Raging Grannies send this song parody hate letter to Chief Justice Roberts and four other reactionary Supreme Court Justices - by way of protesting the High (on what?) Court's "Gang Of Five"
  Howard Zinn talks to Sasha Lilley about Anarchism and Marxism
  Howard Zinn talks to Sasha Lilley about Anarchism and Marxism

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