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  Go Forward, Comrades
  A powerful animation created by a Chinese student artist. From the eyes of a girl to see the collapse of Soviet Union and today's China.
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  One Straight Truth Vs Millions of Lies !!!! by; Dr. Dahlia Wasfi
  Reality of the Phony wars in the name of Democracy, Freedom, terrorism. But the facts say otherwise; greedy Politicians, Profiteers, Cooperative greedy culture, world domination by any means possible; Barbarism, false flagging, accusing others of having Weapons of Mass Destructon while allowing
  Def Poetry - Amir Sulaiman - Danger
  Def Poetry - Amir Sulaiman - Danger
  Tahani Salah - Hate
  Spoken Word Poetry - Palestinian Girl's Spoken Word Poetry on "HATE".
  Freundeskreis: Esperanto
  Nine designers worked on the lavish mixture of styles for the Stuttgart band "Freundeskreis" - producing a four-minute animation in a record-breaking two weeks.
  Perfectionism and Writer?? Block
  Does this sound familiar? Writing a few words, perhaps paragraphs, reading them over, hating them, tossing the paper into the bin (or erasing the text on your computer). Going through the same vicious circle over and over. This is writer?? block disguised as perfectionism, or perfectionism disguised as writer?? block ??depending on the case. Your problem is not about having what to write about, but rather about the quality standards you set for yourself. In any case, you may find the quotations in this video very helpful. And if you??e struggling with writer?? block and are looking for the cure, then you may want to read the tips at
  Famous Writers Who Have Struggled With Writer?? Block
  A slideshow presenting 10 cases of famous authors who have experienced writer?? block and managed to overcome it! If you feel at a loss for words, if you feel drained of inspiration, then surely you are not alone! And if you would like to discover how to cure writer?? block, then you may want to take a look at
  Art with passion
  Art to play with defencive
  Pirates and Emperors - Schoolhouse Rock
  A political schoolhouse rock cartoon about terrorist/robbers/killers and US leaders.
  Food Not Bombs
  Food Not Bombs is one of the fastest growing revolutionary movements active in North America today and is gaining momentum all over the world. For more information:

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